The Best Surveillance Camera for Business to Install in 2022

As a business owner, security is always at the forefront of your thinking. Keeping your place of work safe and protected is a top priority for small and large-scale businesses alike.

Luckily, as we look towards the beginning of a new year, surveillance camera technology will become more advanced than ever.

Without breaking the bank, you can install professional-grade security cameras inside and outside your business premises, providing peace of mind and an extra level of protection. We have put together a list of four of the best business surveillance cameras for 2022.

Top Four Picks for the Best Surveillance Camera for Business in 2022

business surveillance camera

1. Dahua 16-Channel 4MP Starlight Security System

Dahua has created one of the best security camera setups for business as we head into 2022. The 16-strong collection of max resolution video quality outdoor cameras and indoor cameras each have built-in motion detection and alarm triggers.

Furthermore, the intelligent network video recorder uses ultra low-light starlight technology, supports remote management, and is compatible with DVR systems. It is possible to adapt the system to work with two-way audio.

2. Google Nest Cam Pro Indoor/Outdoor Network Security Systems

The Google Nest Cam Pro is undeniably one of the best business security camera systems out there.

It has an infrared night vision and color night vision that work up to 20ft on both the outdoor and indoor security cameras. The smart camera system can differentiate between animals, people, and vehicles, and it even has facial recognition!

Additionally, the Google Nest Cam is fully waterproof, dustproof, and has full remote control capabilities. It also connects to a Google Assistant to work with a smart home setup. You can keep all saved security footage backed up on cloud storage.

3. Arlo Technologies Spotlight Wireless Security Camera System

Although these wireless cameras are budget-friendly, they do not compromise on quality. The impressive image quality and design durability of Arlo Technologies Spotlight Wireless Security Camera System are

on par with some far more expensive models.

Remote viewing lets you keep an eye on your business from wherever you go with live video, audio, and HD recording.

4. Honeywell Commercial Security Cameras Mini Dome Surveillance

The Honeywell business security system is packed full of features to keep your business safe. Complete with motion and heat detection, smart intrusion and recognition, dual streaming, and advanced low-light performance- there is a lot to like about this mini dome surveillance setup.

Rugged camera housing protects a motorized, high-resolution lens that can capture all activity surrounding your place of business without fear of damage.

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Get the Best Security Camera Systems for Your Business

Protecting your business is worth whatever time, money, and effort it takes, but you want to be sure you are getting the best for your buck. Each of the four camera systems we have highlighted above tick all the boxes.

Whether you are looking for subtle surveillance on the entrances or exits or full-blown, comprehensive video coverage of your entire property, each of the brands above can offer solutions tailored to you.

Read our guide to choosing the right business and office security systems for more tips about your business’ security.

For best results, consult a business security expert for guidance on how to install, maintain, and monitor your business security devices.

Leave us a comment below for any questions about your business security or call us to speak with our security system expert!



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