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Protect your commercial kitchens with hood cleaning services done by Prescott, AZ’s fire protection pros.

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Professional Hood Cleaning Services for Commercial Kitchens in Prescott, AZ

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Protect your commercial kitchens.

Do you run a busy restaurant with a high-functioning commercial-grade kitchen exhaust system? Whatever size of kitchen you’re making your meals in, a high-quality kitchen exhaust hood has become a necessity. An effective kitchen exhaust hood removes airborne grease, combustion products, fumes, smoke, heat, and steam from the air by evacuation of the air and filtration. However, if you don’t keep your hood clean and maintained regularly, you can put your kitchen at risk of life-threatening fire hazards. 

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If you manage a restaurant, scheduling regular kitchen exhaust cleaning and maintenance should be included in your list of priorities

Our exhaust hood cleaning services include thorough inspection and cleaning of commercial kitchens. In addition, we:
B&W Fire Security- #1 hood cleaning company in Prescott for over 30 years.

As the trusted fire protection, security, and hood cleaning company in Prescott for over 30 years, you can trust BW Fire & Security for your kitchen hood cleaning and maintenance. 


Identify hazardous buildups that can accumulate from the hood and filters to the vents, fans, ducts, and the roof grease containment system


Remove all grease and debris from your vent, exhaust fan, baffle filters, and the duct system

Comply & Ensure

Comply with NFPA 96 requirements to ensure your restaurant and kitchen are protected

Ensure that your commercial kitchen’s ventilation system is always in check to help eliminate the risk of fire hazards

How we can help

Why Should You Keep Your Kitchen Exhaust Hood Clean?

Our exhaust hood cleaning services include thorough inspection and cleaning of commercial kitchens. In addition, we:

Ensure Compliance for Restaurant Exhaust Systems

The frequency of exhaust system inspection and cleaning is dependent upon the type and volume of cooking provided by a given restaurant or facility.  Restaurant hood cleaning should be scheduled regularly to ensure compliance, functionality, and safety of a kitchen.  For more information on NFPA’s standards, click here. 

Collected Flammables Can Get Left Undetected

A shiny hood in the kitchen after cleaning does not mean those hard to reach and even harder to see areas have been properly cleaned. The collected flammables that can’t be seen by the naked eye can still pose a danger to your property. 

Collected Flammables Can Get Left Undetected

When your kitchen gets busy, heat, smoke, and grease-laden vapors accumulate in your kitchen exhaust systems.  This system directs the vapors into your hood, through your vent hood filters, and into ductwork traveling through your building to your exhaust fan on the roof where it can safely exit your building.  Over time, the collected grease and oils along with the flammable vapors can become a recipe for a disastrous fire. 

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Top-Notch Hood Cleaning Service by Fire Protection Experts

Hood cleaning and maintenance goes beyond removing grease, oils, and dirt from your kitchen exhaust system. We put fire protection and security at the top of our priority as well! You can trust our team of highly-trained fire protection technicians to: 

  • Clean your entire hood system 

  • Document our cleaning process 

  • Recommend proper cleaning frequencies 

  • Use advanced and specialized tools and equipment 

  • Report on any conditions that may hamper the effectiveness of your kitchen hood

We are happy to help and to serve all your fire protection and kitchen hood cleaning needs! 



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