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We know that your home or business is very important to you. Your house, your commercial building, these are big investments that require the utmost protection from harm.

That is why protecting your property and loved ones, and keeping them safe from fire and other hazards are important to us.

At B&W Fire Security Systems, we have over 30 years in the fire protection industry. As your local fire alarm company, we provide many services to keep you, your family, and assets safe.

Our expertise lies in the installation, repairs, maintenance, and inspections of:

  • Fire Alarm Systems

  • Control Panels

  • Pull Stations and Initiating Devices

  • Sprinkler Systems

  • Various Suppression Systems

  • Backflow Preventers

  • Smoke Detection Devices

  • Heat Detectors

  • Safety Monitoring and Alarm Systems

  • Surveillance Cameras

  • Fire Extinguishers

  • And more…

We love to serve our community and that is why it is important to
us to provide the best customer service. 
Your utmost satisfaction and protection is our top priority.
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B&W Fire Security Systems LLC

Servicing Your Home and Business

The Best Protection for Your Valuables

You can’t put a price tag on the value of your family. You want the very best protection of what is most important and irreplaceable. 

We are happy to work with you and to assess your home for the best fire protection and fire alarm system plan that is best for you and your family.

Protecting Your Commercial Property     

As a property manager, there are a lot of important resources, expensive equipment and confidential information tied to your investment that would be best secured with a Fire System Alarm Unit and 24/7 Surveillance Monitoring System.

Call us to schedule a time for us to visit your facility. We will evaluate your floor plan and determine the best protection for your property. 

Rest assured in B&W Fire Security Systems to provide a team of highly-trained professionals to take care of your fire and security needs with 24-hour emergency service.

Your protection is our priority.

What we do

Fire and Security Systems for HOME & FAMILY

Our fire protection company supplies comprehensive fire alarm systems and other alarm and detection systems for your home to notify you if there is any detected danger. Custom fire alarm systems are tailored to your family’s needs. We make certain they run efficiently and smoothly with thorough maintenance, repair, and inspections.

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How old are the smoke detectors in your home?

It is critical that your smoke detectors are all working, on every level of your house. The safety of your family can depend on these fire detection units in the event an evacuation is needed.

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Integrated Protection with Control at Your Fingertips

For your ultimate protection, we stay up-to-date with the latest technology for home security.
Our team designs, installs, maintains and monitors your perfect home fire alarm system and surveillance system using state-of-the-art equipment and smart technology.
You can stay conveniently connected to your home through your mobile device.
Home Security Units and Surveillance Cameras are monitored 24/7 to protect your home and family.
There is nothing like peace of mind:

-Knowing that your kids are safeguarded while in the home is priceless.

-Knowing there is a team monitoring the safety of your home while you are away lets you relax.

-Knowing your home is secure while you sleep at night helps you feel secure.

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Ensure a Safe Water System

You want to trust that your water source is bringing in clean, potable water.
We offer installation services for Backflow Preventers to protect your water from contamination.
Service and inspections on your home’s backflow preventer are highly advised to ensure your drinking water is clean and safe to consume.

Our dedicated team of professionals is happy to assist with thoroughly checking each detector to ensure it is working properly.

What we do

Fire and Security Systems for BUSINESS & OFFICE

For trusted protection, we provide extensive Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Inspections to guarantee the utmost safety for your employees, clientele, and assets—and to keep you in compliance with local and national fire codes. We sell, install and maintain the most trusted brands of Fire Alarm SystemsSurveillance Cameras, advanced Initiating Devices set with Alarm Control Panel connection – all are easy to use with streamlined maintenance.

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Providing Technology You Can Depend On

We use the trusted brand Honeywell, using conventional fire alarm control panels with the best microprocessor technology. From the control panel, this fire alarm system can be configured to your building’s specific needs.

Invite us to your building and we will provide a layout to equip you with the most functional control panel for your exact requirements.

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Suppression Systems for Your Facility

Every company has its own unique requirements for fire safety. Whether you own a medical practice, a restaurant, or building a new housing development, there are different suppression systems that perform according to what needs protecting - paper files, gas stove, electrical currents, etc. We do the complete design and service of Fire Sprinkler Systems with affordable inspection, testing, and preventive maintenance.

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Fire Extinguishers for Your Commercial Property

The team at B&W Fire Security Systems is in the business to meet and exceed all industry standards by keeping your Fire Extinguishers and other extinguishing devices up to code.

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B&W Fire Security Systems, Local Fire Experts to Keep You Safe and Protected

We are a committed team of professionals who serve our customers with ethics and dignity. 

We look forward to working with you. We are happy to address all of your questions and concerns and to provide the best in fire safety.

When you call you can trust that we guarantee 24-Hour Emergency Service on all aspects of fire protection equipment.



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