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Home Security Cameras

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Home surveillance systems can significantly deter and reduce residential crimes. 

You’re sleeping. All of a sudden you hear noises outside your home. 
What do you do? How can you check if someone’s breaking in? 
Experts agree on one solution: Home security cameras are one of the best investments you can make to protect and secure your family and property. 
According to reports, the presence of outdoor security and home surveillance systems can significantly deter and reduce residential crimes. 
It’s time to take preventative steps to secure your property. 

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Introducing: ProSeries Home Security Solutions from Honeywell

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One platform. More protection. More opportunity.

ProSeries brings security and simplicity to homes and small businesses, with a host of features and benefits in one powerful, end-to-end ecosystem. It offers the largest ever range of supported home solutions in a modular, scalable system. 

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Are Home Security Cameras Worth It?

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Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) camera systems are the most cost-effective crime prevention tool to install in your house.

Investing in residential property means more than just looking for a good location. When you bought your house, you probably considered safety and security a top concern. 

Even if you picked the best neighborhood, you can never be too sure about your home’s safety. 
In fact, according to Neighborhood Scout, at least 1 in 37 homes in Arizona fall prey to property crimes. 
No one wants to put their family in danger. Your home should be the place where you feel the safest. 
So, is it worth installing a CCTV system in your home? We think so. 

Protection for your family

How a Home Security Camera Protects You and Your Family

In an interview with 12 ex-convict burglars, they stated that home security cameras and barking dogs were their biggest deterrents for not burglarizing certain homes. 
They said they targeted homes that appeared most vulnerable with the easiest access and the least resistance.
In the event your house becomes a target, there is a huge benefit for capturing it on video through a home security system
This helps law enforcement arrest the culprit more efficiently and keeps you and your neighborhood safer. 

CCTV surveillance cameras for your home take crime watch to the next level.

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Why Get a Professional to Install Security Cameras for Your Home?

There are different kinds of CCTV cameras that you can get nowadays. Many of them boast of their cheap price and how easy it is to set up on your own. 
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DIY installations for a home security camera are ideal if you just want to install a few cameras in certain areas of your house. Doing your own installations can also be fun if you have a knack for figuring out new technology on your own. 
However, getting a professional to plan, design, and integrate a comprehensive home security system can save you from a lot of headaches and issues in the future. 
Here’s why you’re better off leaving CCTV installations to the professionals: 

  • Trained technicians can install extensive home security camera systems with their many components and features, such as:

    • multiple doors and window sensors

    • night vision

    • outdoor security cameras

    • motion detection

  • You can save time and effort since these professionals are already well-experienced in handling any type of CCTV video and camera installations. 

  • You get a better understanding of how the security camera in your home works. 

  • At a good price, you can have 24-hour service to monitor the indoor and outdoor security of your home.

What Can We Do for You

Professional Home Security System Installations

There are a lot of areas to consider before getting set up with the right home CCTV system.
surveillance camera

We work with you to identify your specific needs to design the home security camera unit you need at competitive prices. We will assist you in planning and setting up the best places in and around your home for hidden camera installation so you can be sure you are covered on all sides. 

Our indoor/outdoor security camera systems include: 

  •  24/7 live video streaming, accessible via mobile apps and on any web-based device
  • Real-time alerts sent to your phone for any sound or motion detection

  • Night vision and thermal imaging options

  • Two-way audio for the viewer and the one in front of the camera, whether criminal, pet, or the mail carrier.

  • Better field of view 

    • Use a wider lens for a broad scope of an area

    • Use a narrow lens for less width but with a clearer video

  • Video resolution ranging from 720p to 1080p for video recording and streaming purposes.

  • Options for saving recorded video footage beneficial for evidence.

Home Security Surveillance Camera Systems

What Should I Consider When Choosing a Home CCTV System?

Depending on your home and family’s needs, we can give recommendations on the best types of CCTV systems and the number of cameras suitable for your house.

In general, we look for the following when choosing which type of security camera system to install:

High Definition Video Quality. Zoom, Pan, Tilt Function.

High definition (HD) video quality. When you’re tracking the activity in your home, you want one that will give you the clearest and sharpest video footage. That’s why we go for CCTV systems that deliver 1080p or higher video resolutions.

Zoom, pan, and tilt function. Home security cameras should be able to capture a wide area in your home. We prefer a CCTV video camera that can pan, tilt, and zoom for maximum coverage.

Night Vision. Motion Sensor.

Night vision and motion sensor. Undoubtedly, most break-ins happen during the night. When installing a home surveillance system, we choose security cameras that have infrared (IR) technology which gives clear and bright night video recordings even in the dark. We also opt for those that can detect motion and sound.

Mobile Connection. Wireless Security.

Mobile connectivity. You will use your home surveillance systems the most when you’re not in the house. That’s why we offer CCTV cameras that connect to your mobile device 24/7. No matter where you are, you can always keep an eye on your home.

Wireless security. Wireless security cameras are connected to the internet over Wi-Fi. Batteries can be used as a backup source of power in case of a power outage or network problem.

Security Cameras

Benefits of Installing Home Security System

Still not convinced? Here are the reasons why you should install a home security system:

Installing home security cameras is a step in the right direction to protect your home from the dangers of the outside world.

Since they are connected to the Internet and can be viewed remotely, you can easily track and make decisions if there are any suspicious activities at home.

Did you know that there are over 2.2 million burglaries in the US? Home burglaries account for 70% of these crimes.

The sight of a security camera can demotivate these burglars when entering your home. Even if they try to enter, a triggered security alarm will make them run away from the scene immediately.

If your alarm is triggered, it will alert the neighbors who are invaluable witnesses to come forward with evidence. This eases the process of finding and detaining the culprit/s.

The crime scene is also documented in HD so you can identify the burglar easier.

Feeling safe and secure within your home is paramount, especially for families, the elderly, and those who leave home for long periods. Having security cameras is a great advantage for those with difficulty defending themselves and families with children. 

How we can help

Already have old security cameras?

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We’re here to set it up for you.

We have years of experience when dealing with different home CCTV systems. Our team of licensed and highly-trained experts will inspect your existing security cameras and optimize them for your home use. 
We can plan, install, and configure your new security cameras to maximize their use. 
If additional accessories or technology is necessary, we can integrate those as well.

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Protect Your Family and Our Neighbors With a Hidden Camera System

A CCTV system has been proven to be an effective tool to reduce the risk of suspicious activity and even break-in attempts. 

Don’t take a chance of falling victim to burglary. Protect your family from the trauma and hassle of a break-in.

Call us now to design, install, maintain, and monitor your home CCTV system day and night.



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