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Fire Sprinkler & Suppression Systems for Business

fire sprinkler system
Qualified professionals must install these fire protection systems to make sure it is the right kind

Fire accidents can happen anytime! The best way to reduce property damage and prevent the risk of injuries is by having fire suppression or fire sprinklers installed! These are active fire protection methods that work by controlling and extinguishing a fire before it gets out of hand. Without the involvement of personnel deployment, these engage upon the first detection of smoke, preventing the spread of fire. Qualified professionals must install these fire protection systems to ensure that it is the right kind, it is crucial to determine which of these will work best to avoid causing further damages to your facility.

Keep reading to know how B&W Fire and security systems can help you in designing, installing, and maintaining fire sprinkler

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Fire Sprinkler Systems

A fire sprinkler system consists of a water supply, a water distribution piping system, and sprinkler heads. This discharges water automatically to control the spread and extinguish the fireThere are many specifications and requirements involved in installing the proper fire sprinkler system for your business.

To give you a little bit of a background, here are some of its type: 

Types of Fire Sprinklers
fire sprinklers save lives in case of fire

Wet Pipe System

These are the most inexpensive types, commonly found in residential and commercial buildings. Coldwater is stored in the pipes, when a predetermined heat level is reached, only the nearest sprinkler head releases water with a fast response time.

Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems

Dry pipe systems are best suited for cold climates where there is a risk of pipes getting frozen. Unlike wet pipes that store water, this fills the pipes with nitrogen gas or pressurized air that is connected to a water tank. Once a fire breaks, the air is released out, which causes the water to flow through the pipes to the sprinkler head.

Pre-action Sprinkler Systems

This type requires two-step activation. When heat or smoke is detected, the pre-action valve will open and allow water into the pipes. Sprinkler heads can be activated individually to release water. This method allows it to be closed off in case of false alarm, best for museums, libraries, and offices or those facilities with a high risk of water damage.

Deluge System

Unlike all previously mentioned, the sprinkler heads of this type are always open. Once the heat and fire detection happens and is triggered by an alarm, all sprinklers will release water at the same time. This is best suited for industries with highly hazardous environments that could cause a rapid fire.

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Fire Suppression System

A fire suppression system is another effective method of extinguishing fires without the use of water, using gaseous agents instead. Certain facilities would require this as opposed to a fire sprinkler system depending on the environment and if a chemical or kitchen fire were possible. 

Using water on these types of fires would cause the flames to spread, thus a waterless suppression system would be required.  These systems can be linked to audio and visual alarms to detect the source of the fire, as well as contain the blaze by automatically shutting doors and turning off electrical equipment.  B&W Fire Security Systems designs, installs, services and performs maintenance of fire suppression system, including restaurant kitchen suppression and dry-chemical spray booth systems.



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