High-Tech Commercial Security Techniques [in a Digital Age]

When it comes to the security of your business and commercial property, you know you want the best of the best.

For small to medium-sized businesses, many opt for standard fire alarm and security systems to keep their properties safe.

However, if you’re a large-scale company with bigger operations, you may need more than just a few security cameras.

According to experts, having sophisticated, state-of-the-art commercial security systems should be your top priority.

As technology advances, check out the latest trends in high-tech commercial security access control technologies!

What’s In A Typical Commercial Security System Service

Is your property fulfilling its security needs?

Whatever type of commercial building or office space you own, your commercial security and alarm system should provide the following security solutions:

  • Access control to premises
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Alarm systems for fire, heat, water, and/or entry
  • Energy management of HVAC systems
  • Status alerts and management in remote settings

High-Tech Commercial Security Techniques in the Digital Age

Need additional features on top of these usual security system services? Check out the latest high-tech trends in the business security system!

1. Mobile-Connected Technologies

Do you want to know what’s happening in your business space even if you’re miles away from it? The answer lies in mobile-enabled technologies.

It’s becoming a growing trend in the security industry as it allows distant control of the system and sends updates to the user’s smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

All you need is a good internet connection and you’ll be able to see your properties in real-time!

Some companies even allow you to lock and unlock doors directly from your smartphone, as well as manage the permissions of individual users.

2. Video Surveillance Notifications

In case of suspicious activity, there are also video surveillance technologies that can take high-quality video clips and alert you immediately through an email or an app.

Emergency situations can be quickly responded to as surveillance and monitoring services can now contact local police, fire, or other emergency personnel.

This advancement of technology lessens the occurrence of false alarms while still sustaining the highest levels of security.

3. Get a 360-Degree View of your Property

Not only does every pixel count when it comes to keeping your property safe, but many security cameras also provide a 360-degree point of view.

Positioning your security cameras aren’t just limited to the corners of the room.

A 360-degree security camera allows a more comprehensive coverage so you can see every nook and cranny in your property.

fire sprinkler

4. Facial Recognition

Nowadays, facial recognition has moved past smartphones. Some security surveillance companies provide this feature with their security systems.

With the use of a special camera, you can allow identified people into your property. It also alerts you of strangers that are attempting to enter your properties.

5. Control Over Voice

High-tech commercial systems are getting more personalized. Convenience and ease now come “at the sound of your voice”.

Voice control technology allows for total no-touch management of security cameras and its related systems.

From monitoring rooms to locking up the doors, users can make it all happen with just a command from their voice.

Ensure Business Security with these High-Tech Trends

Taking care of your property has never been this easy with these high-tech security trends.

If you’re interested in hiring a company to upgrade your systems, here are just a few things you should consider first:

  • Get to know the company’s security system and ask to get access to the systems they’re installing.
  • Ask if they offer a back up of the system in case of a phone line or internet failure.
  • Discuss how their wiring works or if there’s an option to go wireless.
  • Choose a security company that provides regular inspection and maintenance of your systems.

Are these commercial surveillance technologies something you want for your business? Comment below what kind of features you’re interested in!



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