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Having a working fire alarm system installed in your building saves lives. 

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Inspections - Fire Alarms & Sprinklers

B&W Fire Security Systems performs the following inspections to maintain your protection:

Fire alarm inspections & sprinkler system inspections for your business

As a building owner or facility manager it is essential to be well informed of all the codes and regulations for your building’s fire protection system. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), following the inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM) requirements to keep the structure, its occupants, and all apparatus of the building within constant safety specifications is mandatory.

-Inspect control panel

-Verify monitoring connection

-Inspect annunciator

-Test pull stations

-Test bells

-Test audible/visual devices

-Test elevator recall

-Test door holders

-Test duct detectors

-Test thermal detectors

-Test tamper switches

-Test flow switches

-Test ground fault detection circuitry

-Test for grounded field wiring

-Load test of standby batteries

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B&W Fire Security Systems is your Annual Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Inspection Specialist

We make it easy to coordinate and schedule a time that works for you. We provide excellent customer service and care because we honestly value our customers. We provide a team of respectable, diligent and efficient professionals to assist with all your questions and needs. We will inform of all requirements that need to be met and perform a detailed inspection to cover all the bases.

We encourage you to look for our sticker on the doors or windows of your local businesses in the Quad City area. See our logo? Ask the owner for his or her experience working with B&W Fire Security Systems.

B&W Fire Security Systems is your Annual Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Inspection Specialist, right here in Arizona. We offer 24-Hour Emergency Service and are a call or click away.

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