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We make sure that our inspections and maintenance are reliable and comply with your legal and insurance company requirements.

B&W Fire Security Systems

Fire System Maintenance & Security for Your Business and Office

Do you own and manage a commercial property?

If you have an office space, business, or commercial building, you should know that your building and property codes require extensive fire alarm and detection system maintenance. 

B&W Fire Security Systems can help keep your property safe from potential fire hazards and damages with our full-service fire and security system maintenance for your office and business spaces! 

You don’t want your property to incur damages because of a faulty fire system. 

Be on top of your property’s fire protection plan and get your systems tested and maintained by Northern Arizona’s trusted fire protection and alarm company!
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What We Offer

Having a working fire alarm system installed in your building saves lives.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), it’s mandatory to have a regular inspection, testing, and maintenance of your fire systems to keep your property and occupants safe from fire. 

We here at B&W are your local Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Inspection Specialist in Prescott, AZ! You can also reach us 24/7 as we offer round-the-clock emergency service. 

Don’t have time to update your fire extinguishers? We bring our extinguisher shop to you! 

Did you know that a fire extinguisher requires a thorough inspection once a year to maintain compliance with fire department codes, ensure functionality, and repair damages?

Leave your worries to us. Servicing fire extinguishers, keeping them up to date, and recharged for your safety is our priority. 

We sell, install, and maintain major brands of fire alarm systems.

As a property manager, keeping your occupants, assets, and building safe and secure is a top concern. To keep an eye on your valuable investments, installing an efficient fire alarm system in your property is a must. 

B&W Fire Security Systems is an official Kidde Fire Alarms Systems and Honeywell Fire-Lite Alarms dealer in Prescott, AZ! Trust us to install the best systems to protect your business.

Home, away, awake, or asleep, securing your business is a top priority.

Protect your property, reduce break-in attempts, and have a high-tech monitoring tool by installing a surveillance camera system! 

B&W Fire Security Systems can do the planning, testing, and maintenance of camera surveillance systems with 24/7 monitoring to keep your business and property safe.

We specialize in the design, installation, and maintenance of fire sprinkler & suppression systems.

There are many specifications and requirements involved when installing fire sprinkler systems for your business.

Let B&W Fire Security Systems handle your sprinkler and suppression system! As the fire suppression and sprinkler experts in Arizona, we offer a full range of services to keep your every device in tip-top shape. 

We offer full-service installation, inspection, testing, and maintenance of backflow prevention devices on commercial buildings. 

All commercial buildings in Northern Arizona are required to have a backflow preventer device installed onto its irrigation system. 

As a certified backflow tester, we’ll ensure that your water systems are kept clean and safe with efficient backflow preventers. 

At Your Service, 24/7

Get Expert Maintenance for your Fire Protection Systems Maintained Today!

Whether its fire alarm testing, sprinkler system, or other fire protection systems and devices, B&W Fire Security Systems is the Fire Protection, Alarm and Security Company in Arizona that you can trust. 

B&W Fire Security Systems has been in the business of fire protection for over 30 years. We strive to give you excellent customer service to keep your business, occupants, and assets safe. 

Contact us today to schedule an appointment! 



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