I See You! The Top Benefits of Business Security Cameras

Do you think preventing theft is the only benefit of installing business security cameras? Think again.

According to one study, restaurants that installed surveillance systems not only reduced theft by 22% but increased profits by 7%. The truth is, video surveillance adds a whole slew of benefits to any business.

Are you ready to see what security cameras can do for your business? Read on to find out more.

Reduced Theft

The most obvious reason to install any surveillance system is theft reduction.

Undoubtedly, you’re aware of exactly how much money your business loses each month due to shrinkage – the loss of inventory from customers who shoplift or dishonest employees who steal. And, obviously, if you knew exactly how this shrinkage was occurring, you could employ efforts to reduce the unnecessary loss of goods.

By monitoring high-shrinkage areas, supplies, or products, you can reduce theft both externally and internally. Customers or employees can be caught in the act and instantly dealt with. And if the footage is recorded, any incidents of shrinkage you don’t catch live can be accounted for and dealt with afterward.

Employee Performance Monitoring

Aside from theft, what other mischief are your employees up to when you’re not looking? Only a hidden video surveillance system will tell.

After installing a hidden surveillance system, this restaurant owner was shocked to see his employees’ staggering disregard for job performance. Food wasn’t made to standard, time theft was rampant, and his manager-on-duty straight-up ditched his shift and went home.

With a business or office video surveillance system, you see exactly what employees are doing with their time, and whether it’s up to policy.

Increased Efficiency and Profits

By reducing time theft in the workplace and ensuring better employee performance, increased profits are already a given. But here are some more ways small business security cameras can increase the efficiency of your business.

For one thing, it makes your job easier. It takes a lot less time to check up on your employees when you can see all of them at once without leaving your office chair.

It also helps you see your workflow more clearly than ever before. Within minutes of observing the footage, you can easily spot if you are overstaffed or understaffed for your current needs.

Seeing the entirety of your workflow helps you spot inefficiencies in the way your business runs. Fixing these will increase your business productivity and, therefore, your profits.

Increased Workplace Safety

Your surveillance system will also catch any safety concerns or incidents. By monitoring employee behavior, you can address unsafe conditions or practices before they become a workplace accident.

And if accidents do occur, you’ll have the incident recorded as proof. This evidence is crucial for proving who’s at fault and the exact details of the event.

This is a huge benefit to have in the event of a workplace safety lawsuit or workman’s comp claim. If someone is trying to scam you for workman’s comp, the video can prove your innocence. If you are at fault, the exact details shown in the video can prevent you from paying more than you have to.

Lower Insurance Costs

Because of all the safety benefits we’ve just described, a business surveillance system will almost definitely save you money on your insurance premium. Employing this safety measure makes you less of a liability for the insurance company.

The Benefits of Business Security Cameras

As you can see, the benefits of business security cameras far outweigh the cost. In other words, there’s no reason you should miss out on them.

Prevent theft and increase revenue with a business surveillance system.

Your Local Security System Professionals

B&W Fire Security Systems located in Prescott Valley, AZ is your locally-trusted security company to help you choose the best security camera system for your business, the most effective areas to install the cameras and how to use the system to your advantage to reduce loss and increase safety.

You can stay on top of happenings that go on during the business day and also keep an eye on your building after hours. If anything were to occur after business hours the camera will capture the footage needed to help seizure any culprits or to identify a cause of an unfortunate event that may be prevented in the future.

Another Layer of Protection for You as a Business Owner

The B&W professionals also make mention that a CCTV (closed-circuit television) system may also protect business owners from malpractice suits. False allegations can be thrown around by disgruntled employees or customers. The recordings of the security system could be your proof to protect against any false accusations of wrongdoing.

B&W Fire Security Systems Serving the Local Community

B&W is a fire protection and alarm company who works closely with homeowners and business owners to protect their most valuable assets – home, family, valuables and investments. B&W has been serving Arizona since 1989 with a team of highly trained, certified and professional fire and security system technicians.

They consistently stay up to date with all fire codes, regulations, standards and have current training status to ensure the best possible services and safety information for all customers.

The staff at B&W are knowledgeable and helpful in any area of fire and theft safety. They provide thorough inspections of existing security and fire protection systems, perform repairs and maintenance to stay up to code with proper functionality of equipment, and do brand new installs for new or existing homes and businesses.

B&W Fire Security Systems takes your safety incredibly seriously and are in the business to perform top-notch service for all your fire protection and security needs.

Stop by our website to learn more about all the services B&W offers. They are happy to help and answer any questions.

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