Top 5 Reasons to Recharge Your Fire Extinguisher

You jolt awake in your bed to the smell of smoke. Leaping up, you grab a fire extinguisher and press the handle, only to have a thin, weak fog come out.

Then, you jolt awake from the dream you just had about a fire.

Good thing it was only a dream, right?

Well, a scenario like that could be more realistic than you think, especially if you don’t ever recharge your fire extinguisher in your home or workplace.

Don’t worry, though. We know that this may sound complicated, which is why we made this handy guide for the best reasons to recharge your fire extinguisher.

Let’s get into it.

Why You Should Recharge Your Fire Extinguisher

You might be thinking, “Well, it doesn’t need to be done every year, so I can get by without it, right?”

Well, no – in fact, an annual recharge is the safest and most guaranteed way to make sure your extinguishers work in the event of an emergency.

With that in mind, let’s look at some good reasons to perform this annual maintenance on an extinguisher.

1. Pressure

The first and most obvious reason is to make sure the extinguisher has enough pressure.

Without proper pressure in the canister, the extinguisher’s range may not be high enough to reach flames, especially in places with high ceilings or tall furniture.

This is especially important if someone discharged the extinguisher recently.

2. Retardant Refill

A yearly inspection will make sure there’s enough juice in the extinguisher to put out any blaze.

Without these checks, someone could press down on the handle and nothing could come out, leading to an even larger emergency.

3. Regular Maintenance

Alongside refill and pressure checks, you should recharge your fire extinguisher to perform a regular inspection on it, inside and out.

While damage on the exterior might be obvious (like dents or holes), damage to the interior can weaken the extinguisher’s overall integrity. However, you can’t always see the damage inside, making an in-depth inspection is a great preventive measure.

4. Wear and Tear Service

Like your car or your shoes, an extinguisher should also be checked for wear and tear in an annual inspection. This means looking over any necessary safety labeling, as well as checking for blocked hoses or leaks.

Corrosion can also occur over time, weakening the structural solidity of the extinguisher and creating a potentially life-threatening situation in an emergency.

5. Save Money on Replacements

Finally, you can save a substantial amount of money on replacements when your fire extinguisher yearly. In addition to safety concerns, it can be expensive to replace extinguishers if they break, especially without being used.

With yearly recharges and inspections, extinguishers can continue operating in top shape and perform their job when they are needed.

Now What?

With our handy guide, you can make an educated decision on when to recharge fire extinguisher.

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