Annual Fire Extinguisher Inspection Checklist for Your Home

The National Fire Protection Association – NFPA 10(98), Sec. 4-4, defines “maintenance” as a complete examination and repair, as necessary, of all the facility’s portable fire extinguishers.

A professional fire protection company should undertake annual fire extinguisher maintenance inspections. These establishments have the resources and training necessary to achieve maximum compliance while identifying and rectifying any potentially dangerous circumstances.

A dated inspection tag is attached to a fire extinguisher once it has passed its annual maintenance. The date mentioned on the tag is valid for one year. The device must be replaced or repaired if it fails the inspection.

Keep reading to know more about your annual fire extinguisher inspection.

Inspection Checklist for Your Fire Extinguishers

A fire extinguisher is one of the most essential fire prevention equipment found in a structure. They put out a fire during the early stages before it spreads.

Having a fire extinguisher, nevertheless, is insufficient to assure everyone’s safety. Apart from assuring that the fire extinguisher is purchased from a competent or reputable supplier or manufacturer, below is a checklist for appropriate extinguisher maintenance.

  • The portable fire extinguisher inspection should be performed by trained fire safety professionals.
  • Place fire extinguishers in strategic areas throughout the property.
  • Professional fire service inspections must be performed on a regular basis to prepare for the following fire extinguisher inspections.

Additional measures may be taken by conducting an internal maintenance inspection. Here are some things that homeowners and the people living on the property should keep an eye out for:

  • Verify that the location and installation of the fire extinguisher comply with local regulations.
  • Conduct monthly inspections to make sure that the equipment is visible, unobstructed, and not removed from its designated location.
  • Visually assess the vehicle for significant damage such as rust and dents – visual inspection.
  • Examine the service tag to ensure that the equipment has undergone a professional evaluation.

Do not hesitate to contact B&W Fire Security Systems if any difficulties arise during the internal maintenance testing.

Monthly Visual Inspection Checklist for Portable Fire Extinguishers

visual inspection

Visually inspect all of your fire extinguishers monthly, and weekly for facilities where extinguishers are more likely to be used or damaged.

The following items should be on the visual fire extinguisher internal examination:

  • All fire extinguishers are in their assigned locations, either on stands or placed on walls, and are aligned with any fire extinguisher-type signage.
  • Every fire extinguisher is easily reachable.
  • The extinguisher’s operational guidelines are legible, clean, and facing outwards.
  • Your fire extinguishers are in good condition, haven’t been utilized, and have all parts.
  • The contents of each extinguisher pressure gauge are kept within the permitted range as displayed on the item.
  • All anti-tamper seals are in good condition.

Conclusion: Portable Fire Extinguisher

Did you realize that annual fire extinguisher inspections were necessary? Life safety and fire suppression systems are crucial aspects of all buildings, which is why they need to be taken seriously.

You need to perform a complete internal examination and ensure that your fire extinguisher passes the test. If you need assistance with your annual inspections, hire a professional fire protection company, such as B&W Fire Security Systems for assistance regarding a sprinkler system, hydrostatic testing, fire pumps, and more.

We can assist you with drawing up the perfect fire extinguisher testing schedule whether for portable, dry chemical extinguishers or wheeled extinguishers. We can equip you with all things fire protection, including a hydrostatic test. Contact us today!

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