How Much Are Home Security Systems?

how much is home security systems

With modern technology’s advancements, home security systems have become more accessible and user-friendly than ever, enabling homeowners to easily control and monitor their security.

But how much does a home security system cost?

In this blog, we will explore the different types of home security systems currently available and their costs of installation, repair, and maintenance.

Types of Home Security Systems

Home security systems have come a long way from just having simple doorbells and guard dogs. There are now two primary options to choose from: wired and wireless systems.

Wired Home Security Systems

Professionally installed wired security systems utilize physical cables or wires to connect sensors, control panels, and other components. Wired systems are renowned for their reliability and resistance to interference compared with wireless solutions. 

Installation can be more complex and expensive, often requiring the expertise of a professional home security company.

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Wireless Security Systems

DIY-friendly wireless systems communicate using radio frequency technology and can offer several advantages over wired systems. Setting up and upgrading components are both easy, without wiring complications to worry about. 

However, wireless systems may be susceptible to interference from devices like microwaves and baby monitors which could compromise their signal strength.

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Regardless of the type you choose, modern home security systems typically consist of door and window sensors, motion sensors, surveillance cameras, security lighting, and environmental sensors such as smoke or carbon monoxide detectors. 

Some systems offer 24/7 central monitoring, where a professional security company manages your alerts and dispatches emergency services if necessary.

Home Security System Cost Guide

smart home security systems

Home security system prices vary significantly based on several factors, including type of system, equipment purchased and installation fees, as well as ongoing monitoring fees.

On average, home security systems cost $700, not including installation costs if needed. However, the price can range anywhere from $280 to $1,150, depending on the security system you choose.

Let’s break down these costs:

Professional Installation Costs

Choosing a DIY security system usually does not incur installation fees as you will set it up yourself. Meanwhile, a professionally installed system could incur fees between $60-150 per hour.

Some companies provide complimentary installation with their wired systems. It is wise to obtain quotes from multiple providers before selecting the most suitable option based on budget and needs.

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Equipment Costs

The hardware components of a home security system, including sensors, control panel, and security cameras, typically start at $200 and can go up from there. Additional features like motion detectors and smart cameras can cost between $25 and $300 each.

Professional Monitoring Service Costs

Professionally monitored systems typically incur monthly monitoring service fees which starts at $14. Longer-term subscriptions often come with discounted rates. 

The level of monitoring services can significantly impact these costs.

Maintenance Costs

Home security systems don’t usually need regular maintenance, though you may need to replace batteries periodically or repair any defective components. Maintenance costs tend to be minimal with rechargeable batteries and durable equipment.

Smart Home Automation

Modern security systems often allow smart home integration with voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant for convenient control with voice-activated control, as well as compatibility with other smart home devices, like lights.

For those seeking comprehensive security with full-time professional monitoring, highly elaborate systems can run as high as $450.00.


Many professionally monitored systems include cellular or landline backup, which helps maintain connectivity during power outages. The cost of this feature varies by provider.

Additional Fees

Some companies charge activation fees when you first set up your system, usually ranging from $25 to $100. Depending on your location and the type of system you install, you may need permits from local authorities, usually between $50 and $100, according to Security.org.

Be aware of any hidden or cancellation fees for monitored systems. 

Is it worth paying for a security system?

Home security systems can be an invaluable investment. By deterring potential intruders with loud alarms and alerting authorities in case of break-ins, these systems offer invaluable protection for you and your belongings. Modern systems also allow remote monitoring via smartphones so homeowners can keep an eye on their property while controlling smart devices remotely.

Additionally, home security systems offer alerts for gas leaks and fire emergencies to provide swift responses in emergencies and ensure greater safety for homeowners. 

Are home security systems worth it? Security systems can help homeowners reduce their insurance costs significantly, offering up to a 15% premium discount. All these advantages make purchasing one a wise and worthwhile investment decision for any household.

The New IQ Panel 4

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  • 8MP Camera
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Secure Your Home the Smart Way Now!

Home security system costs can vary widely depending on your preferences and needs. Investing in one will provide invaluable peace of mind and protection for both you and your loved ones.

Technology advancements have made home security simpler than ever, whether you opt for wired or wireless home security systems. By choosing an effective monitoring and protection solution, you can keep an eye on and protect your home, even when you’re miles away.

For proper and safe installation, it is highly recommended to seek professional help from home security companies. 

Our experts at B&W Fire Security Systems are the pros to call for home security installation, repair, and maintenance in Arizona. Contact our team today for a quote!



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