5 Awesome Home and Fire Protection Gadgets You Gotta Know About

Protect Your Family and Valuables with These Neat Home and Fire Safety Devices

Your home is your haven. The only place where you can find safety at all times. We don’t want an accident escalating into considerable damages, nor do we want unwelcomed guests in our homes. With all these external and internal threats, there is no wonder that we want to provide the best protection for our home.

Everyone knows about the standard security equipment. House alarms, fire detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors are recommended safety gadgets for every home. But good security is not limited to these devices. There are a variety of home security and fire protection gadgets of which you haven’t heard of.

The rapid evolution of technology has changed the foundations of our lives. There is no industry that wasn’t fundamentally reshaped in the last decade or two. Security is now easier to handle, sophisticated, and more effective.

While technology-improved alarm systems have made our homes smarter, it has also given birth to a vast number of lesser-known home security and fire protection gadgets. We, here at B&W Fire Security Systems, have found some of these unknown technologies. We will present you with the five hidden gems which impressed us the most.

Built-in Fire Protection for Your Dryer

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Photo by Sana Saidi on Unsplash

The tricky thing with surprise accidents is that you cannot make any preparations for recovery. At one moment you are enjoying a sunny Sunday afternoon in your garden, the next your house is covered in flames. Someone might find this scene unrealistic, but complications with clogged dryers can ignite the whole house.

Lint bypasses gather up over the years of usage. At one point the filter will be so stuffed that air cannot escape properly, thus heating up until a fatal point. Sometimes the vent hose crushes between the dryer and the wall. In those cases, the airflow decreases, putting you, your family, and your home in danger.

No fire safety system is complete without covering this often neglected part of the house. Many companies offer simple yet smart and practical solutions in the form of lint alarms. These fire protection devices consist of two parts. The first part is the airflow. Air comes out of dryers via this route. The second component is a temperature sensor with a built-in alarm.

The sensors are attached to the back of the clothes dryer. They start making beeping noises as soon as an obstacle prevents the air from the normal flow. The sensors monitor the temperature of the airflow as well. That way you’ll be notified in case the machine starts overheating and acting odd.

Dryer maintenance is a task which often slips our mind. Neglecting this chore, however, can lead to severe consequences. Equipping this gadget on your machine prevents such cases.

Cheaper than an Alarm Installation, Fool Intruders Out with this Fake TV

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Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Want to try a less expensive burglar deterrent before you call the alarm company for an alarm installation? Try the TV simulator. This device makes burglars think you are home watching TV, which may make them think twice before breaking in.

This deceptive tool creates an affordable and creative burglar deterrent. The device uses UV lights, just as a regular TV does, thus giving the appearance that someone is home with the TV on.

TV simulator gadgets are much smaller than the real thing. They are around the size of a teacup. But don’t let the size fool you. These little boxes can illuminate large living rooms. You should choose your model depending on the size of the room in which you plan to put it.

These gadgets are much cheaper than conventional alarm installations. And they don’t burden with household expenses. Fake TVs don’t require a lot of energy to run, therefore won’t cause the electric bill to go off the charts. Running on small amounts of energy has other beneficial factors. This security method is an eco-friendly take on home protection.

Expand Your Peephole Viewing Experience with the Latest Smart Home Technology

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Peepholes are anything but a new invention. These small windows towards the other side of the door are maybe the first home security features. But peepholes are far from flawless, as firsts usually are. If there is something or someone that the person behind the door doesn’t want you to see, it is easy to hide out of a peephole’s sight.

The great thing about living in the age of revolution is the constant upgrades for our old technologies, systems, and gadgets. And peepholes received the 21st-century treatment.

These new and improved eye holes are modern cameras attached to your door.

Their lens covers a larger area than ordinary peepholes. You can see who is knocking without leaving the comfort of your warm sofa.

Before you improve your house with the latest smart home technology, keep a couple of things in mind. The first one is that modern peepholes require some work. What we mean is that you cannot just buy the product and place it on your door.

All smart home technologies require an installation, whether it is a sophisticated programming process, or as easy as press a button and wait. And these gadgets are no exceptions. Take your time to read the manual before making the purchase. A smart home peephole is useless if not installed correctly.

All modern peepholes have a direct connection to a screen, but not all of them can keep the picture. Only some models can record what’s happening in front of them.

All information about energy consumption, video resolution, and other system specifications are listed on the package of each model. Our recommendation is to shop for this clever house security option online after conducting research and reading customer reviews to find a reputable peephole camera.

Brinno PHV1325 Digital PeepHole Viewer and Eques Digital Door Viewer are the best-selling models on Amazon.

Hook This Up to Your Smart Home Automation System to Detect a Leak Before it’s a Flood

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Photo by Digital Buggu from Pexels

Water damage can cause a home or business owner so much grief and leave them out of pocket for repairs. A water pipe burst, a washing machine backup or a failing sump pump are some of the areas that can cause water damage. By placing a smart leak detector in prime areas of the home or office can prevent further damage than necessary.

Water leak sensors are the latest addition to your smart home. These devices resemble computer mice. iHome Smart Water Leak Sensor is one of the more prominent water leak sensors. This model can monitor two places as it is equipped with two sensors.

The first one is on the body of the device, and the second is attached to a 6 feet long sensor probe. If your smart home is equipped with other iHome products, this device can join the network and configure other activities in your house.

Monitoring water pressure is essential because of backflow. Backflow is the moving of water in two directions, i.e., forwards and backward. The water is supposed to move in one direction only — for instance, from water supplies to your home. Backflow is when water decides to move back in the supplies.

These occurrences can be dangerous. On its journey, water can catch a couple of chemicals, such as pesticides in your garden or dirt from pool water. If backflow occurs, the chemicals can contaminate the water supplies. Thankfully, today, we have devices for backflow testing.

Water pressure is the usual culprit with backflow issues. A large amount of stress, like when extinguishing a fire, can turn the water to flow backward. Defects with systems can cause backflow; therefore, don’t take appliance testing too lightly.

Some gadgets out there test if there are backflow issues in your home. However, these backflow preventer testing systems cannot just be attached to a pipe. For the installation, you should go to someone who is certified for backflow testing system installation. One of those are your experts at B&W Fire Security Systems.

Parents are the Best Fire Protection for their Kids!

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Children, because they are still growing, spend more time in a deep sleep. Because of that, loud noises can pass unnoticed. Sometimes this is a good thing because the kid will spend more time sleeping and recovering. But sometimes the loud noise is a warning, and this is where this deep sleep lowers their survival chances.

Believe it or not, kids can sleep through the sound of an obnoxious fire alarm. But, there is an ingenious technology that relies on biology for saving our precious littles from dangerous situations.

Researchers have found that children’s ears are sensitive to the voices of their parents. In case a fire ignites, and the kids are not affected by the loud beeping of the fire protection system, the chances are that they will wake up once mom and dad start calling for them.

An effective way to accomplish this is to install a fire alarm or a carbon monoxide detector that can be programmed with mom or dad’s voice to create a fast response to get to safety.

You Choose the Best Home Security System for You and Your Family

Home security is evolving with technology. There are many gadgets and apps that have replaced hiding a bat under your bed…

  • Sensor gadgets that can be installed on dryers and water pipes can prevent a catastrophe you weren’t aware of was in the making.
  • Fake TVs are a more affordable alternative to sophisticated home alarm installations.
  • Expanding your peephole vision for a clearer look at who’s at your front door with a sophisticated lens.
  • Programming the sound of mom and dad’s voice to alert the kids to safety.

These are a few of some creative ways to keep your home and family safe. Though, for fail safe methods, B&W Fire Security Systems offers their expertise in home fire protection, home security systems, and alarm installations for the ultimate in protection.

For questions on the best protection methods and options for your home and family, we are happy to help.



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