Guide to Fire Safety Signs for Arizona Buildings

Fire safety signs and labels are meant to alert people and show them what to do during a fire emergency. The National Fire Protection Association regulates them, and every building is obligated to have them. Therefore, if you’re a business owner in AZ, the following guide is going to help you understand which emergency signs you should get.

Importance of Fire Safety Signs and Labels

Safety signs are vital as they can help millions of people survive fire emergencies. They communicate all the steps that the people involved need to take to survive and leave the facility without getting hurt.

Categories of Fire Safety Signs

Prohibition Signs

Prohibition Signs

These signposts explain which activities are prohibited in the facilities to avoid starting a fire.

Mandatory Signs

Mandatory Signs

Mandatory signs show actions that the person must do to protect themselves in a dangerous situation.

Warning Signs

Warning Signs

These sign labels are meant to make people aware of potentially dangerous circumstances, such as flammable liquids in the location.

Fire Action Signs

Fire Action Signs

Fire action signs are short visual cues that explain a list of procedures that the users must do once they know there is a fire.

Evacuation Signs

Evacuation Signs

These green signs are meant to show where the fire exit is.

Fire Safety Equipment and Fire Extinguisher Signs

Fire Safety Equipment Signs

The fire safety tools signs are usually red and rectangular. They indicate where the firefighting equipment is. Example signs are fire extinguisher signs and fire hose signs.

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First Aid Equipment Signs

First Aid Equipment Signs

If there’s a health emergency, these signs show where the first aid kits are located.

Safe Condition Signs

Safe Condition Signs

These signs show actions that the users must do during a fire emergency.

Fire Safety Sign Rules

Different types of businesses must follow different rules. Some of the most common differences are the following:

Fire Action Notice

These are mandatory for all types of buildings and offices. However, there are a wide variety of signs, and each business owner can choose the one that adapts better to their building.

Fire Exits

Fire exit signs aren’t mandatory in small spaces where finding the exit is easy, but in any other case, there must be at least one of these signs.

Types of Fire

Type A

This type includes only organic materials, such as wood and fabric.

Type B

Type B includes flammable liquids, such as gasoline and oil.

Type C

These are the fires caused by flammable gasses, such as methane.

Type D

Type D fires are caused by flammable metals, such as lithium and aluminum.

Type F

Finally, type F includes all kinds of cooking oils and fats.

Labeling Fire Extinguishers

When you find a fire extinguisher, you may notice different signs indicating which type of fire it must be used for. This is extremely important, as using the wrong one could have mortal consequences.

Color Code of Fire Safety Signs

Most NFPA signs are color-coded to indicate several different meanings. Some of the most common are the following.


The color green is meant to help the user feel calm in the middle of the emergency, so it is used to indicate where the exits are.


On the other hand, blue signs indicate actions that must be followed to survive.


Finally, red signs indicate danger. However, they could also show where to find the supplies.

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Keep Your Business Safe from Fire

Having a fire department connection and several signposts in your business is incredibly important to ensure you follow regulations and that all your clients stay safe.

If you want to plan for your home’s fire safety, read our guide on how to protect your home from a fire.

If you’re interested in finding the best fire and security systems in Arizona, get in touch with our fire security professionals at B&W Fire Security Services.

What fire safety signs are you using in your establishment? Let us know in the comments section below!



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