Fire Protection Services prepares you to Ready, Set, Go! In Case of an Emergency

The unusually dry winter and warm temperatures could bring an early start to Arizona’s wildfire season, and the Arizona Sheriff’s Association wants you to be prepared.

The fifteen Arizona Sheriff’s have adopted Ready, Set, Go! (RSG), a program that educates residents about proactive measures to take before an emergency and actions to follow when communities are threatened. The program’s three tenets encourage Arizonans to get READY by preparing now for what threatens their community, be SET by maintaining awareness of significant danger and to GO, evacuate immediately when the danger is current and life-threatening.

“We’re excited and proud to implement the Ready, Set, Go! program for all-hazards across the state,” said Arizona Sheriff’s Association President Mark J. Dannels. “Our primary goal is to keep Arizonans safe and we believe the message of preparing early and being set to evacuate at a moment’s notice will help us achieve that goal.”

The Arizona Sheriff’s Association, in partnership with the Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs, launched a statewide educational campaign to increase awareness of Arizona’s adoption of Ready, Set, Go! and actions residents should take during each step:

READY: “Prepare now”

  • Be aware of hazards that can threaten your community.
  • Register for your county’s emergency notification system. (For Yavapai County, see Yavapai County Emergency Notification System, more links to other counties below)
  • Create defensible space around your home by keeping grass mowed short and trimming vegetation.
  • Build an emergency supplies kit. Start with the five P’s: people and pet supplies, prescriptions, papers, personal needs and priceless items.

SET: “Be alert”

  • There is significant danger in your area.
  • Consider voluntarily relocating to a shelter or with family/friends outside of the affected area.
  • This might be the only notice you receive.

GO!: “Evacuate”

  • Danger in your area is current and life-threatening.
  • Evacuate immediately to a shelter or to family/friends outside the affected area.
  • Follow instructions from emergency personnel, and stay on designated evacuation routes.


5 P’s of Evacuation:
  • People and Pets and other animals/livestock and supplies.
  • Prescriptions with dosages, medicines, medical equipment, vision and hearing aids, batteries and power cords.
  • Papers including important documents (hard copies and/or electronic copies saved on external hard drives or thumb drives), insurance papers, contacts.
  • Personal Needs including clothing, water, baby supplies, food, cash, credit cards, first aid kits, phones, and chargers. Items for people with access and/or functional needs, such as older adults and children.
  • Priceless items including photos, irreplaceable mementos and other valuables.
County/Tribal Emergency Notification Systems

Many Arizona counties and tribes have a system in place designed to quickly notify an affected area of an emergency by sending a voice or text message to you. Click a link below to sign up for emergency alerts in your area.


Apache | Cochise | Coconino | Gila | Graham | Greenlee | La Paz | Maricopa | Mohave | Navajo | Pima | Pinal | Santa Cruz | Yavapai | Yuma

The Ready, Set, Go! program amplifies the common goal of all-hazards preparedness. Successfully preparing for an emergency encourages personal responsibility to protect yourself, your family and your property. Visit ein.az.gov to learn more about hazards in the state and how to prepare.

For additional Ready, Set, Go! information, follow Twitter at @AZSheriffs and @AzEIN.



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