3 Simple Changes this Fire Protection Company Made to Save the Planet

The best in Fire Protection does their best to contribute to protecting the planet

In February 2016, B&W Fire Security Systems made the natural decision to go green. It began with the need to transform their dated, time-consuming hard-copy filing process. Once they saw the many benefits of this update, the fire protection company saw many more advantages to changing old habits.

1. Going Paperless and hugging more trees

They decided to partake in their own fuel reduction with decreasing fire hazards by going paperless.

One of the first areas that was in need of a face lift was their old method of documentation. Their service forms were 3-part pages, which needed to be completed for each service performed onsite, with one copy for the customer, one copy for their records and one copy for the fire department. This would easily become an immense amount of paper used for say, a job requiring a fire sprinkler installation, a fire alarm inspection, and fire extinguisher maintenance.

B&W Fire Security Systems has since implemented a tablet-based software that is used by all the technicians. The company saw an immediate savings on gas, money and time with the technicians being able to get their schedule on their tablets, rather than coming into the office for the day’s dispatch list. Time, gas and money are saved by eliminating the to and from trip to the office morning and evening.

Plus, with saving on travel time, the techs have more time to see more customers in a day, improving the quality of customer service, business efficiency and faster emergency fire protection services.

EW Bratcher, a managing member of B&W Fire Security Systems noticed, “With our easy, clean user interface, technicians can properly document all services performed with time, energy, effort and money being saved—plus [decreasing] waste from the paper produced.”

Bratcher and the team started to see a decrease in their overhead as well, including:

  • Reduced spending on paper, printers and copiers—including service and repairs—and expensive ink cartridges and toners
  • Saving time, money and gas with electronic delivery of documents instead of hand delivering or mailing
  • A decrease in office supplies like folders, paper clips, staplers, and filing cabinets

We’ve become more efficient and mainstream with:

  • Documents stored on a more secure system with a protected back up
  • Customer files on the tablet-based software, the techs are more efficient with all the information they need right at their fingertips
  • Increased business workflow by eliminating time wasted getting signatures on contracts and forms that need to be hand delivered
  • Easier methods of updating documents that often get outdated or revised.

Throwing old forms out creates more waste, costing more time and money. Changes easily made online, ready for immediate use for the techs in the field, does away with the need to go back to the office to print, retrieve and go back to the customer.

B&W Fire Security Systems works with businesses everyday who install fire sprinkler systems and fire suppression systems to protect their valuables. The company wanted to fall in line with what they protect against by decreasing their own fuel component that feeds the fire.

DID YOU KNOW? Since 1960 paper consumption has tripled, with Americans contributing to 85 million tons of paper waste and 10,000 pages printed a year by the average office employee in the U.S. Landfills are overflowing with ink and toner cartridges—over 4 million ink cartridges and 100 million toner cartridges pile up each year.

2. Upgrading to newer vehicles reduces carbon footprint = more efficient fire protection services

B&W Fire Security Systems has made the switch to more fuel-efficient vehicles with newer, eco-friendlier trucks employed in their fleet. Service vans have also been downsized to use less fuel and emit less pollution. All vehicles abide by all the emission standards.

To further eliminate extra emissions, the trucks are equipped with GPS trackers. GPS allows dispatch to see where techs are at any moment, making a dispatch to an emergency service situation, or same-day appointments, faster and more streamlined by sending the closest tech in the area. And, with the new tablet software, the techs don’t need to go back to the office, they head right to the site in need.

B&W Fire Security Systems also keeps up with their vehicle maintenance to ensure they are running clean, eliminating any possibility of excess pollution.

DID YOU KNOW? Pollution emitted through vehicle exhausts is one of the biggest contributors to cause global warming?!

“Cars and trucks emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, which contribute one-fifth of the United States’ total global warming pollution. Greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere, which causes worldwide temperatures to rise.”

B&W is proud to play a part in decreasing their carbon-footprint while customers reap the benefits of faster service for fire sprinkler inspections, fire extinguisher recharge and security alarm installations.

3. Making the switch to LED Lighting – They’ve got the green light on energy efficiency

Another environmentally friendly approach B&W Fire Security Systems implemented was improving their method of lighting their office, inside and out.

The company has noticed that LED lights have a way longer life span, which overall creates less waste of tossed light bulbs, saving time with replacing, especially outside the building and in the parking lot – and of course, with longer lasting light bulbs, spending on this material is decreased saving more on their overhead.

DID YOU KNOW? LED light bulbs can last up to 100,000 hours, that’s over 4,100, 24/hour consecutive days, which is over 11 years. AND, they reduce energy usage by 80-90%.

Overall effect – going green saves a lot more than the planet, it saves customers’ green too!

A big takeaway that B&W Fire Security Systems has received by making the switch to go green is, not only are they helping the environment, but their customers really reap the benefits of savings. This really falls in line with the company’s efforts to provide the best service at a fair price, and why they won the Most Trusted Fire Protection and Alarm Company in Arizona Award!

B&W Fire Security Systems isn’t only in the fire protection service, they protect the environment, and their customers’ budget!

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