7-Point Check-List for Women in Fire Protection Services: Wildland Fire Boot Camp

Do you want a career where you’re respected and appreciated? Do you want to help your community and your country? Do you want to be a leader and role model? Are you physically fit? If so, you may have what it takes to become a Wildland Firefighter!

The USDA Forest Service, Southwest Region, is seeking a small group of career focused women or other individuals to become temporary seasonal employees and oncall wildland firefighters for the 2018 fire season.

Training will be held October 20-22 and October 27-29, 2017, in Prescott, AZ. To receive a certificate and be fully qualified, they must attend both weekends and complete all required training. Lodging and meals will be provided to participants.

These seasonal and on-call positions will provide support to wildland fire operations over the summer when needed and can help pave the way for future employment and career advancement in the Forest Service. Persons selected to these positions will provide temporary emergency support on wildland fires and other emergency operations throughout the Southwest and nationally and will be provided opportunity for seasonal employment.

1. If you are selected for this opportunity, your first assignment will be to attend and complete the Women in Wildland Fire Boot Camp. The Boot Camp will provide comprehensive, formal physical Wildland Fire Training and orientation. Upon successfully completing this training, each person will receive Wildland Firefighter certification and personal protective gear.

The Boot Camp assignment will deliver basic firefighting training and some preparation for the Work Capacity Test (WCT), which is required to meet National Wildfire Coordinating Group Red Card qualification as a Wildland Firefighter.

2. All participants must pass the basic training and the WCT before becoming certified. This program is designed to assist selected participants in becoming more competitive in applying for seasonal positions and gives them the opportunity to gain experience through an administratively determined (AD) emergency hire program if not selected for seasonal work.

3. Participants will be paid for the Boot Camp. Base pay for these positions starts at the AD-B rate of $16.40/hour. Those selected for this work must remain on call.

4. The main duty stations will be in Arizona and New Mexico with expected travel within the Southwest or across the country, on short notice for work assignments lasting up to 14 days.

Please note that this is an intermittent position with a workload entirely dependent on wildland fire conditions in the Southwest and across the nation. This position does not guarantee permanent employment but is a good starting point for those interested in a Forest Service career.

5. Participants on wildland fire assignments can expect to be away from home for an extended period of time, exposed to primitive living conditions such as camping in wilderness without electricity, showers, or cell phone reception for days on end. Other assignments may land them in urban areas with all the amenities. Operating vehicles both on and off road, hiking, commercial flights, boat rides, and mission flights on helicopters are just some of the modes of transportation to be expected on the job.

6. Major Duties:

• Participate in training (classroom and field).

• Participate in physical fitness.

• Keep self and equipment fit for duty, in response-ready condition.

• Remain on call for response to wildland fires and other emergencies.

• Travel and work 14-day assignments, possibly out of state.

• Safely engage in wildland fire suppression and other emergency response operation activities.

7. Minimum Federal Qualification Requirements:

1. Must be 18-37 years of age. (Exceptions will be considered.)

2. Must be in good mental and physical condition.

3. Must be able to pass basic wildland firefighter training (provided).

4. Must be able to pass the Forest Service Work Capacity Test at the “Arduous” level. This involves a 3-mile walk that must be completed in less than 45 minutes wearing a 45-pound weighted vest (provided).

For more info and for an application go to:


Deadline to Apply October 13th, 2017



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