B&W Fire Security Systems Wins Award as the Most Trusted Fire Protection Company in Arizona

B&W Fire Security Systems Received Accolades for Impeccable Service and Being a Leader in Innovative Fire Protection Services

Located in Prescott Valley, AZ, B&W Fire Security Systems gets worldwide recognition as the Most Trustworthy Fire Protection and Security Company in the state. The fire protection company was the recipient of the 2018 HR & Training Award by Corporate Vision Magazine.

B&W Fire Security Systems employs 30 full-time professionals and has been in business since 1989. The company deems this award to the excellent customer service they provide their customers, the experience and knowledge of the technicians who are mandated to get the most recent certifications and trainings.

1. Fire Protection with Excellent Customer Service is Naturally What They Do

When asked what it was like to find out the company received this award, Erik van Elburg, Service Manager at B&W Fire Security Systems, humbly stated, “It was cool, we won an award.”

Van Elburg attributed the recognition as just doing what a good service team would and should do, “We never leave a job undone, we leave customers happy and satisfied. We provide excellent service at a fair price. We get it done right, per code and by the book.” With these business ethics, trust is naturally gained.

Qualifications to be the Most Trustworthy Fire Protection and Security Company – Arizona

CV Magazine is a publication created by business leaders for business leaders with worldwide circulation. The experts in business rely on this publication for ideas on business strategy, emerging trends, innovative visioning, corporate case studies, business growth and success, leadership and management methods, expert opinion, and so on.

Nominations for awards are received anonymously. Nominees are sent a questionnaire to complete and once submitted to the judging panel, eight weeks of research begins before partaking in an extensive, 12-month evaluation of the company. CV Magazine states the company is assessed on performance, methods of business management, commitment to innovation, and even their competition to compare services, offerings, and that their business practices outperform their competitors.

The award appeared to come as no surprise to van Elburg, as his response stated, the focus is on the customer and their satisfaction, with work completed at a fair price.

2. Attributes to the 2018 HR & Training Award

“Our techs need to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest fire equipment,” states van Elburg. He further explains that trainings are pertinent with the technicians, primarily in performing fire alarm, security systems, and fire sprinkler system inspections.

Technology is always evolving, much like the security and automation systems that are now being installed in homes and businesses. They are a lot of intricate details that go into the design and install of a security system. B&W Fire Security Systems stays on top of the most innovative technology to best support and protect their customers. They provide, install and service security systems from Honeywell and Kidde, and work with many others.

There is a wide array of certifications to be attained in this industry. The most important certifications required by all B&W Fire Security Systems technicians are

  • NICET – National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies
  • CSA – Compliance Services and Assessments certification for the fire protection system
  • NFPA – National Fire Protection Agency

It is not unusual that fire alarm manufacturers also require the operating technicians to undergo specific training to complete a certification. The certification then qualifies the technician to install and perform maintenance on their life safety systems, much like Edwards building systems solutions.

Smart customers often request to view the documentation of such certifications to ensure the technician is properly trained and knowledgeable with the system and ensures trust with the company and quality work.

There are certifications that require more experience and training to even be eligible for testing. Van Elburg states there are a lot of certifications in the Engineering & Technology industry in many different fields of expertise. Some of these trainings take days to a week to complete with a vigorous testing to certify. Because the industry is ever-evolving with new technology and innovative systems, the certification needs to be renewed, much like the kitchen hood suppression training which needs to be renewed every three years.

3. Streamlined Workflow from Start to a Satisfied Finish

As the Service Director, van Elburg visits each site that calls in need of a new install or an inspection. He surveys the home or building, gathers all pertinent data and everything the customer needs and prepares a proposal for parts and service required. He’s happy to visit commercial building sites and to make house calls.

“Sometimes I go on site for a specific call, then see fire extinguishers that need servicing and fire alarms needing to be inspected, “said van Elburg. The company prides itself on being thorough and concise. They take fire protection services seriously as they are lifesaving.

Once the scope of work is complete and the proposal has been furnished and approved, Terry, who oversees scheduling, will employ the tech team based on individual experience, qualification and availability. Van Elburg explained that they have a knowledge of each tech, their ability and their schedule to appropriately plan the dispatch and to meet expectations of the customer.

4. Serving the Customer Based on Specific Needs

B&W Fire Security Systems serves two types of customers:

A new install customer for of fire protection or alarm system –

B&W Fire Security Systems works with the general contractor of a new site or with a home owner to install fire alarms, fire sprinkler systems, security systems, etc. Their goal is to maintain that relationship to be their yearly inspection service and trusted maintenance technicians. They prefer to follow through with the inspections and to guarantee their customer are meeting insurance requirements.

Existing customers –

B&W Fire Security Systems tailors to their customers and values every one of them. Their existing customers are faithful to schedule their annual inspections and call on B&W for service and repairs on their systems.

5. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Not only are customers satisfied, the team of professionals who work at B&W Fire Security Systems also reap valuable benefits. Headed up by EW Bratcher, owner and managing member of B&W Fire Security Systems, love and appreciation are a big component of this company’s business model and management strategy. This has been a company approach that has supported the longevity of their business. Teamwork, positive attitude and mindset trickles down from the top. Van Elburg has observed that “Employees have been transformed while working here. We really work in a family atmosphere which makes for a supportive and rewarding work environment.”

A cohesive team enables them to focus more on the quality of work and satisfaction of their customers.

B&W Fire Security Systems is committed to their customers and it’s evident that their customer’s total fire protection is their priority. Being the most trustworthy fire protection and security company in Arizona is an honor.

B&W Fire Security Systems is your fire alarm and security system specialist right here in Arizona, with 24-Hour Emergency Service.

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