Commercial Backflow Preventer Requirements in Prescott, Arizona

When a water account is established, the public water utility examines the backflow requirements for every organization. Businesses that provide a possible backflow danger must install and test the proper backflow prevention device every year.

To identify backflow threats, the public utility evaluates the type of company, how the firm uses water, and what appliances or equipment are connected to the building’s water supply system.

Customers are asked to submit a Backflow Assessment Form to a certified backflow tester to provide further information about their water usage, which is one way to evaluate backflow hazards.

For more information about commercial backflow preventer requirements in Prescott, AZ, keep reading below.

Why Do You Need a Backflow Preventer?

By adding an extra protection layer to private water lines at connection points, backflow prevention devices assist in protecting the city water system from contamination and pollution. With the implementation of the International Plumbing Code, Section 2-1-5 of the Prescott City Code Title II permits legal authorization in line with Arizona Administrative Code R18-4-215 for the Cross Connection Control Program; Section 608, Chapter 6, City Code Title III.

The specific kind of backflow device needed is determined by the level of risk. Each item must be placed following the manufacturer’s instructions as well as Prescott City Code, Federal, and State regulations.

Following installation or repairs, a backflow prevention device needs to be evaluated by a trained backflow tester and then tested annually. All testers must submit the certified test report to the Water Protection Department of the city. According to ADEQ standards, all backflow devices inside public water systems must file reports for three years.

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What Type of Business Establishments Are Required to Install Backflow Preventers?

The following businesses are required to install a backflow preventer:

  • Dry cleaners
  • Restaurants
  • Funeral homes
  • Medical offices
  • Car washes
  • Beauty and nail salons
  • Multi-tenant retail space
  • Churches with baptism pools
  • Any commercial building with a dedicated sprinkler system or fire service line
  • Any commercial building three stories or taller

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Guidelines to Follow if You’re Required to Install a Backflow Preventer

If a backflow preventer is required, you’ll be notified by mail. In some situations, you may have to fill out a System Protection Questionnaire Form. Instructions on which type of backflow prevention devices to install, as well as installation specs, will be included in the letter. Take the following steps:

  • Install the backflow preventer: Make sure to follow the city’s water utility instructions when installing it. A skilled installer is recommended.
  • Inspection: Schedule a backflow protection inspection with certified backflow inspectors once it’s been installed.
  • Test: The same backflow inspectors can test the device. They will send the results to the city water utility, so you don’t have to worry!
  • Annual Test: The backflow tester needs to test the backflow assembly annually.

Guidelines to Follow if You Already Have a Backflow Preventer Installed in Your Establishment

commercial backflow preventer

If your commercial establishment already has a backflow preventer, you must have it tested annually by a certified backflow tester from the approved tester list. You’ll receive an email when it is time for your backflow test.

Hiring a Certified Backflow Tester

Did you know B&W Fire Security Systems is a certified backflow tester for both residential and business establishments? We can perform all required maintenance and tests in compliance with the Cross Connection Control Program.

Backflow Prevention Assemblies have to be tested by a certified tester, and the results must be provided to Arizona Water Company within 30 days after the test:

  • Upon installation
  • When repaired, cleaned, or overhauled
  • Annually
  • When relocated
  • As required by the Regulatory Authority

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