How Much Does Backflow Preventer Installation Cost?

A backflow preventer is a device installed on your plumbing system which is designed to prevent dirty or polluted water from flowing back into your clean home’s potable water.

Without it, an abrupt change in water pressure could cause water to flow back to the main water supply, causing it to be contaminated.

A new sprinkler system, an irrigation system that is not connected to a JEA irrigation meter, private fire sprinkler system, boiler system, and pool or pond equipment is typically required to have a backflow preventer installed.

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How Much Does Backflow Preventer Installation Cost?

Backflow preventer installation costs highly vary on different factors. These includes:

  • The Backflow preventers (depending on the size and type of the system)
  • Backwater valve systems
  • Professional labor costs

According to homeadvisor, on average, homeowners pay between $135 and $1,000.

The backflow prevention device can range from $35 to $600, labor fee could cost between $100 and $400. While backwater or check valve including installation, costs range between $70 and $250.

Backflow Preventer

Residential Backflow Preventer Cost


Between $35 and $600 for the preventer system.

Installation Fee

Professional installation fee costs around $100 and $400. There will also be additional charges for placing pipes during initial construction, replacing old pipes, and permits.

Labor Cost for Replacement

Total replacement costs around $150 to $400 for the work itself.

Repair is possible if only a single valve fails, backflow repairs cost around $50 and $150 plus any cost of parts.

Sewer And Sprinkler Check Valve


What’s great about sewer and sprinkler valves is that they are identical and can be interchanged. Expect to pay between $200 and $600 for the valve.


Sewer backflow preventer installation can range from $200 to $400 as this consists of multiple valves, sprinklers around $100 and $400.

Backwater Valves

For garden hoses or power washers that can work with simple drains, a simple single valve backwater is enough to prevent issues. This costs between $70 and $250 for parts and labor.


Between $50 and $150 for a simple backwater valve. A backflow

They connect to 3/4-inch hoses and pipes and are no longer than 2 inches. Backwater valve threads onto the end of a garden hose to stop dirt or fertilizer from entering the water supply

Backwater Valve Installation

Since installation can be simple, this ranges between $20 and $100.

Labor Cost

The labor fee for removing and replacing a single valve ranges from $150 to $500. While a repair for minor issues $50 to $150.

Is Backflow Testing Necessary? How Much Does it Cost?

A backflow test helps ensure that your prevention system is working properly to keep your drinking water safe from being contaminated. This usually costs between $20 and $100.

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