Fire Protection Restrictions and Closures Lifted

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Restrictions lifted for 248 square miles of the Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority and the 42 square mile City of Prescott. This includes the Towns of Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Dewey/Humboldt, Paulden and the areas surrounding the City of Prescott such as Williamson Valley, upper Copper Basin Road and Mountain Club area, Ponderosa Park off of White Spar Road, the Senator Highways area of Karen Drive, Sweet Acres, and Oak Knoll Village and finally the areas extending south of Prescott including Govt. Canyon and Diamond Valley.

The local area has received a significant amount of rain over the past week which will allow the Prescott Fire Department and Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority to lift the current fire restrictions for the residents in our communities. This is in conjunction with the Prescott National Forest and other area fire agencies. We may still see days with high winds or elevated fire dangers which may cause no burning for a particular day, but those days should be isolated due to the presence of our monsoons.

We still ask everyone to be extremely careful with fire and please use those ashtrays in your vehicles. In addition, with the monsoons here and many of our washes and low water crossings running, please do not drive through flooded washes and watch your children playing around water.

Rick Chase Fire Marshal (928) 759-9933 Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority Don Devendorf- Fire Marshal (928) 925-7316 Prescott Fire Department



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